...and with a heaving sigh I feel my chest begin to swell for I'm never alone in the forest

You bringing up music suddenly
reminded me.

There was a song on.
I couldn't hear it,
but knew what it was.
I was walking
a slight hill in a forest

I got to the top and
was relieved.
There was this huge tree there.
Standing straight.
And the bottom was hollowed
I saw a light inside.
I step inside.
And you're crouching
over a fire.

It's you but not you.
I felt like it was.

You lead me outside and say,
"You've made progress, but
we're not quite there yet."

You look up and I follow
your gaze.
There is another hill.
I say, "We?"
You reply, "Yes, silly.
We. I'm going with you."

I felt it was you

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