the moment the colors fade is the moment we begin to feel alive

a love poem
for a post apocalyptic

hands dry and
overworked men
that drink too
little and wives
with toothy
smiling through
pain in pretty
and children
in the yard
innocent in up-
turned earth
we've seen the sun
hit our faces
for the last time
we've closed our ears
to the bird's song
to the water's edge
we've grown bored
of running
and instead bathe
in self defeat
and never have
we been so alive


...and with a heaving sigh I feel my chest begin to swell for I'm never alone in the forest

You bringing up music suddenly
reminded me.

There was a song on.
I couldn't hear it,
but knew what it was.
I was walking
a slight hill in a forest

I got to the top and
was relieved.
There was this huge tree there.
Standing straight.
And the bottom was hollowed
I saw a light inside.
I step inside.
And you're crouching
over a fire.

It's you but not you.
I felt like it was.

You lead me outside and say,
"You've made progress, but
we're not quite there yet."

You look up and I follow
your gaze.
There is another hill.
I say, "We?"
You reply, "Yes, silly.
We. I'm going with you."

I felt it was you