The bigger picture

I've painted a picture of
a blasted landscape.
A picture of hope, and
of giving in.
There are leaves there on
the horizon swirling
across an empty concrete
parking lot. A vortex
of earth.
The sound is a comfort.
It sounds of hundreds
of biting insects skittering
in unison.
The sky here is purple.
In fact everything is purple.
Her eyes were purple and singular
in their hunger.
Eyes as hungry as an insect.

There are so many ruins. Great
pieces of carved stone lazing
We etch poems in their sides
so that the generation to
come makes not the same
mistakes we have made.

We feed like lions.
We die like the day.


collide! collide!

nebula eyes
take off all your clothes and

nebula eyes

my fingers are

and between your legs

where stars are

nebula eyes