(there with)in my head

There is a place I know
within my head where
the ground is impossibly
Nature holds on like a lover.

There is a place I know
within my head where
the rain comes up
from the ground.
And worms (fearful
crawl out of the clouds
to breathe.

And the roots of gnarled trees
sing and reach for the sky.

And sometimes there
(within my head)
great shafts of light
pillars one and all
beam to the earth
and I am overwhelmed.

Surely I am in the air now.

Tracing individual tracks
in the tree bark
like a road map up to Heaven,
fingers bleed
(this does not matter)
but it is there that I find God.

And oh how I have been searching



I can feel a breeze penetrate my skin,
and a universe collide somewhere in my head.
My eyes are supernovae, my lips colorful
plasma effect.
My heart beats backwards in time.
In time with creation.
In time with stellar explosion.
Bursts of radiation explode from my mouth.
A cosmic orphan.

(Discarded piece I had written but brought back to life)

Today we found us a new home (after many a month of looking)

There has never been a better time
than now to grab the mountains.
Drink in the rain.
Or chew on dry prairie grass.
Following the trampled masses
of tiny insects and small rodents
upon an open expanse that spreads
out in front of us like blanket space.
Feel the heat of an endless Summer. Drink
deep it's ability to make one feel
boundless. Directionless. Sick
with the knowledge that we've
been dust our entire lives.

Travel now on the wind.
Rooftops burn on the horizon.

This is our home now.