The truth of it

There were moments when the leaves
would fall. And the city
would burn.
And our mouths would tell
the truth of it.
We would laugh and dance
but always come up short.

There were moments when the climb
would kill us. And the rocks
would tear at our knees.
And our blood would tell
the truth of it.
We would hang our heads low
but always would we sing.

There were moments when the doubt
would choke the words from our throats.
And our voices would betray our intent.
And we'd say that we at least tried.
That we gave it our all.
But always come up short.


  1. Hey. Great site you've got here man. I thought about re-blogging you but then saw the copyright info. Take a look at my blog. If it's ok i'd like to re-blog the post I am commenting about. No woory, I'd give all proper credit.


  2. Yeah. Take what you want. I've been waiting since March for someone to re-blog. Hah. Appreciate the kind words.

  3. I should also state that post-apocalyptica is one of my biggest inspirations. Further back in the blog you'll see a lot of poems taking place in a post apocalyptic America. I basically made this blog as a place to keep all my writing in one nice place. I don't get a lot of views here as I post a lot of stuff on my Facebook page. Any help to get the word out would be great.